Eye Exams & Optomap®

We only know how to be thorough.

That’s why we offer a comprehensive eye examination that will reveal hidden, symptom-less, potentially sight-threatening eye disorders and diseases that are not found by a simple vision screening done at school or at the general practitioner’s office.

Your examination will include:

A Complete Medical and Visual History
The eyes are a part of the body, so they can be affected by most any health condition in some way. We must know about your general health and prescription and non-prescription medication you are taking, prior to treatment.

A refraction
1 or 2? Yes, that’s what it’s called, a refraction. Both automated and doctor-controlled instruments, plus the patient-directed methods, are used to obtain the best glasses prescription for you.

Neurological Screenings
Evaluating the way your eyes move and work together, as well as how the eyes are connected to the brain can tell us if the nerves and muscles controlling your eyes are working properly or require further examination.

Eye Health Evaluation
A slit lamp is a high-powered microscope used to examine internal and external parts of your eye. The pupils are often dilated and the inside of the eye is viewed using specialized examination instruments. We are then able to see early signs of glaucoma, cataracts, hypertension, macular degeneration, diabetes and many other eye diseases.

NEW The Optomap® Retinal Exam
To view the retina, either your eyes must be dilated, or for a minimal fee you may choose to have a retinal image of your eye taken with the optomap®. Retinal imaging is used to screen for and diagnose eye and non-eye diseases and forms part of a comprehensive eye examination process. Many indicators of systemic disease and precursors to eye conditions often exhibit first in the periphery of the retina. For more information on this state of the art procedure visit www.optos.com.

Visual Fields
Your peripheral vision can be thoroughly checked with an instrument known as a visual field. We will do this painless procedure if and when it is necessary.

Discussion of Findings
We will discuss the examination findings with you and review all available options to make your vision the best and keep your eyes healthy.

Patient Testimonials

Today was my first visit to DSVC. I haven’t been to an eye doctor in over 20 years and I was apprehensive a bit. Once I arrived it all went great with the exceptional staff and state of the art equipment. Then my evaluation from the doctor was so professional and comforting. I then had a meeting with the expert who set me up for choosing frames and a set of glasses to help me out with driving at night. All I can say is that they took really good care of me and made me feel comfortable at the same time!

J.C. P.

My entire family has been seeing Dr. Dobson at Bee Cave Vision center since 2007. I wouldn’t go anywhere else. He makes it a point to make sure that whatever you need to have the best vision possible he will get for you. He will work tirelessly to make sure you have the best fitting contact lenses, regardless of factors that can make it difficult to fit. Such as astigmatism and vision loss as we age. His entire staff is fabulous! Smart, friendly and accommodating in every way.

Leslee S.

Such a great experience at the DSVC! It’s been ages since I got an eye exam — wow, has technology changed. I felt ultra confident after the exam. Dr. Dobson explained all of my results and options. The staff was super helpful and Margarita, their Optician, was really helpful picking out my first pair of glasses. Their office is beautiful too!! I’m a huge fan and so happy to have DSVC in our backyard. Highly recommend.

Rob H.

Dr. Dobson is a great doctor. He takes time with you and answers all your questions! His staff is super duper awesome! We are so lucky to have him in Dripping Springs!

Sally L.

Had a great experience. Dr. Dobson was very thorough and took his time in my exam to make sure I was happy with my vision before he moved on at each step. One of the best eye exams I have had. Thank you Dr. Dobson and staff!

Dustin M.

Great service! Very thorough exam. Always very confident in Dr Dobson and his staff. So Glad they are in Dripping!

Charlotte P.

The office got me in quickly as a new patient with an urgent issue. Dr. Dobson had my eye feeling better in less than 12 hours. Everyone was so friendly and welcoming. It is so clean and gorgeous! Their safety protocols were great. I definitely recommend the Dripping Springs office.

Ashleigh L.

My family has been going to Bee Cave Vision for years for eye exams, glasses, and contacts. We wouldn’t go anywhere else! Always friendly and personal service. I just went today to have my current glasses adjusted and the nose pads replaced, and received the usual efficient and professional service as always!

Cindy C.

Everyone at DSVC is so nice! Exams were thorough, and everything was explained as we proceeded. Optometrist and optician in one place, but they print out your prescription if you ask, so you can take anywhere you like for glasses.

Leah M.

Very friendly and polished staff and well versed all the way around. Felt like I had a very thorough exam with state of the art equipment that led me to feel I was in great hands. Staff was great in assisting in finding glasses that looked great. Highly recommend especially for those worried about COVID. They went above and beyond.

Justin H.

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